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Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy and Research

Today’s economic landscape is complex. Shaped by evolving trends in business, technology, global affairs, and governmental policy, it’s never been more challenging to navigate the different factors affecting your financial future. That’s where your Hilliard Lyons Wealth Advisor steps in.

Translating your vision for the future into realistic financial objectives, we will work together to create an investment strategy based on your clearly-defined goals, the time you need to hold your investments (your investment horizon), and your comfort-level with risk.

When you work with Hilliard Lyons, you have access to the expertise and insights of an entire family of investment management, financial planning, and investment banking professionals, all right here at home. Our dedicated investment professionals monitor the current financial, economic and political landscape to help deliver timely investment and market insights and solutions that we use as a foundation to provide sound holistic financial advice to our clients, our neighbors, and communities.

Monthly Market Insights: September 2018 | What Really Matters

Each month, Mark Nickel, Chief Investment Officer at Hilliard Lyons, provides insight into issues the markets are currently facing in the Investment Strategy & Research Group's Monthly Market Insights. This month breaks down what really matters to the processes of long-term wealth planning, which can be distilled down to two major verticals: company results (micro) and broad economic trends (macro).

There are plenty of annoyances and distractions in our everyday lives. We have all forgotten our cell phone, experienced flight delays, and endured adverse weather. Much of what we lament on a day-to-day basis however, has little lasting impact on our lives. Broad areas that really matter might include our personal health, opportunities for our kids, or our families’ long-term financial security. Like our daily personal lives, financial news and markets present many items that demand our attention. But much of the noise is of low importance to our long-term approach.

What really matters to the processes of long-term wealth planning can be distilled down to two major verticals: company results (micro) and broad economic trends (macro). The Investment Strategy & Research (ISR) Roundtable keenly focuses on what matters as we work to ensure both you and your Wealth Advisor are well-informed. To that end, we are pleased to relay our takeaways from August’s meeting are mostly constructive.

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